Studio Blog

Rebecca Sampson established Tallulah in 2006, with the sole aim of bringing romance back to the jewellery industry. A niche business, Rebecca is motivated more by sophisticated aesthetics rather than commercial purpose.

Tallulah provides a truly unique jewellery experience. Clients connect personally with Rebecca, the artisan directly responsible for the design and production of the desired piece of jewellery. By being involved throughout the entire process, clients feel a deep sense of connection to the final product. Clients become absorbed in the creative atmosphere at Tallulah, where imagination is nurtured and flourishes. Something not often experienced when purchasing mass-market jewellery.

Starting with design, clients choose from an array of stones that speaks to them and reflects their individuality. Clients also have the opportunity to learn about the stones and what makes each unique.

After choosing the right stones and settling on a design, Rebecca keeps her clients updated to the progress of the piece. As the piece starts to take shape, clients are encouraged to visit the studio and view the progress. Allowing clients to remain deeply connected to the jewellery throughout this transformative stage. It also ensures that everyone is happy with the direction of the piece. Collaboration between client and jeweller is an invigorating experience for both.

Tallulah has firmly established itself in fine jewellery design. Rebecca has a following of passionate clientele, who are always thrilled to reveal that it’s a “Becca piece”. Success in providing an exceptional product allows Rebecca to invest in rare gems and travel, inspiring her creativity and cultivating a group of international clientele

Rebecca has had the privilege to work on a number of unique projects, including two Melbourne Spring Fashion Week exhibitions, and has had received multiple commissions from international feature films including Childhood’s End and The Moon and the Sun. Rebecca is a certified gemmologist, diamond grader and valuer. She also mentors other gemmologists.

Tallulah thrives on the ability to share the romance of beautiful gems and designs.